13 August 2018
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Central Region Children’s Home’s 70th Anniversary! We can count on each other!

Central Region Children's Home's 70th Anniversary! We can count on each other! 

Central Region Children's Home was established in 1948. Since then, they have been providing care to mostly children from disfunctional families along with some children with disabilities. They are dedicted to bulding a safe and stable home to provide children in need an environment where they can grow up with care and love.

This year is Central Region Children's Home's 70th Anniversary. They held an alumni reunion inviting children who have lived there and people who have donated before to return home. They especially appointed Alliance/Bulk to create their 70th anniversary insulated cooler bag for this event. 

In the process of communicating with Central Region Children's Home, we wonder if there is a possibility of a unique form of charity sponsorship. Therefore, we proposed an illustration charity collabaration project. We really appreciate our illustrator under Colab Miya for agreeing to join this project without a doubt. The bag incooperated the picnic cat series created by Miya with simple line designs to decorate the logo of Central Region Children's Home's 70th anniversary. It was a huge success!

In recent years, Alliance/Bulk has been dedicted to launching all kinds of charity events. We hope to not only utilize company resources effetively but contribute and give back to society!

Below are appreciation certificates gifted by Central Region Children's Home to Alliance/Bulk.

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